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Since almost all women struggle with cellulite at least at some point in their lives, one company had decided to add a little humor to solving the problem. Bliss, the hip New York spa, had created FatGirlSlim, “a lean, mean skin firming cream,” to combat cellulite. Its purpose was to energize, stimulate, and contour your skin, and visibly reduce the appearance of excess fluid between its layers.

It seems however, that their silly name was a bit too much for some because recently, they’re changed the name from FatGirlSlim to FabGirlSlim... with a “b”. Perhaps it’s simpler to just call it Bliss Cellulite Cream.

The idea behind Bliss spas and skincare is that “happiness is the highest state of well-being”, so they infuse a little happiness into every treatment and product that they offer. They want to create customers that are confident enough to take on the world, and they believe they can do this with a combination of playfulness and pampering.

Bliss FabGirlSlim Ingredients

The main active ingredient in Bliss FabGirlSlim is caffeine. Caffeine fights cellulite by stimulating circulation, fighting fat, and drawing fluid out from the skin. The rest of the ingredients are dedicated to making this cream smooth and hydrating, while maintaining a luxurious feel and scent.

The caffeine in Bliss FabGirlSlim is encapsulated in Qusomes. This is advanced technology that helps the active ingredient penetrate more deeply into the skin, allowing it to work where it is needed.

You should massage Bliss FabGirlSlim into the affected area twice daily.

Clinical Results

There is no indication of any independent clinical studies, but it appears as though Bliss conducted what they call a “Consumer Perception Study” in which:

  • 91% of woman found their skin to be instantly smoother
  • 86% of women saw an instant slimming effect
  • 87% of women noticed instantly firmer and more toned skin

It should be noted, however, that research is beginning to show that cellulite treatment using topical solutions is possible.

Bliss FabGirlSlim Name Change

FatGirlSlim ImageBecause it’s sold at, there are Amazon reviews to give us an idea of how well Bliss FabGirlSlim works. But when I went to look at them recently, the place is overrun with complaints resulting from the name change.

Lots of customers placed their order expecting FatGirlSlim, but received FabGirlSlimand were not pleased. By all indications, they are the same product, but Bliss has done a very poor job of getting the word out about the name change. It seems like it would be easy to insert a little card in the packaging, explaining that they’ve changed the name but it’s the same great product. But apparently, they are not doing this.

They don’t clear it up on the Bliss website either. I looked hard and found not one word about the name change. Seems like a bungling of something that could have been fairly simple.

Bliss FabGirlSlim Reviews

As far as feedback about the actual product, this appears to be quite mixed.


Bliss FabGirlSlim Review Breakdown


People love it or people hate it.

Here’s an example of someone loving it:


FabGirlSlim 5 star review


And someone hating it:


Bliss FabGirlSlim 1 star review

Bliss FabGirlSlim High Points

  • Bliss FabGirlSlim reviews tend to be positive as long as the customers had realistic expectations.
  • It has a light minty scent that many customers find pleasant.

No Cellulite ImageBliss FabGirlSlim DisadvantagesLow Points

  • There is very little information given about how Bliss FabGirlSlim works.
  • The effects are not permanent and require continual use.
  • It could get expensive with regular use over time.
  • There are fewer active ingredients than many other available products.

Where to Buy Bliss FabGirlSlim

You can purchase Bliss FabGirlSlim through the Bliss World website at a cost of $36 for a 6 oz tub. You can get that same tub for prices ranging from $25 to $32 at other online retailers. There is no satisfaction guarantee that applies to opened products, so there doesn’t seem to be any real advantage to buying from the official website. If you have a Bliss Spa or Ulta Store nearby, you can also pick it up there, and you’d probably even be able to sample it first.

Should You Buy It?

Cellulite creams come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. Bliss FabGirlSlim falls kind of in the middle price range. While Bliss is a well regarded spa and skin care company, there doesn’t seem to be anything special enough about Bliss FabGirlSlim to make it worth spending more than something you can get at a drugstore.

I also judge products based on the business practices of the companies that make them. Mostly, I’m looking for examples of unethical behavior, but in the case of Bliss, I’d have to say I see real incompetence. They changed the name of their product, but didn’t tell anyone. There are dozens of complaints on Amazon from people who think they received a counterfeit product. Amazingly enough, Bliss didn’t even go in an respond to those complaints, leaving potential customers unaware that they actually had the real thing.

If you do choose to try it, make sure to let us know how it works out.

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Bliss FabGirlSlim

Bliss FabGirlSlim




    • Favorable reviews
    • Smells great


    • Lack of information
    • Name changed with no notification
    • Slim ingredient list