Shredz Toner for Women Review – Creatine Not Just for Guys Anymore

Shredz Toner for Women ReviewShredz is a nutritional supplement company that has absolutely exploded in popularity and sales since they first started out in  2012. If you ask Arvin Lal, the company founder the secret to his success, he’ll tell you it’s all in the marketing, not the quality of the supplement.

Uh oh, when I read that my first thought was, “okay so the packaging is nice and shiny, but the pill actually sucks?” Luckily, I kept reading and found out this is not the case at all. Lal is acutely aware of the fact that while good marketing will get you that first sale, only a product that works will keep customers coming back.

Does Shredz Toner for Women Work?

And so we ask the most important question – does Shredz Toner for Women work? In order to answer that, let’s start by talking about what the Shredz people say it does. Then we’ll examine the formula and seek out customer feedback. In the end, you’ll have a much better idea of what Shredz Toner for Women can and cannot do for you.

What Is Shredz Toner for Women?

Here’s the exciting part. Shredz Toner for Women is actually a pretty unique product in that it’s a creatine-based pre workout supplement designed for women. This is a highly unusual combination because creatine is almost always marketed to just men.

Women and Creatine

It’s a common misconception that creatine is just for men because it encourages the kind of big and bulky muscles that the vast majority of women don’t want.


Shredz Toner for Women Bulking Man Image


But that common misconception is rooted in the misunderstanding that creatine itself causes big bulky muscles. It does not. What creatine actually does is provide energy to your fast twitch muscles so that when you work out, you can push harder and longer. When you push harder and longer in your workouts, you get better results – ie bigger, stronger muscles. But it’s the workouts that get you the muscles, not the creatine itself. The creatine is just a catalyst to help you reach those harder workout goals.

Creatine and Bloating

But there’s another reason women stay away from creatine, and this one is not a myth – not entirely anyway. It’s that creatine causes bloating. And while men don’t enjoy bloating either, it’s much more of a “female problem” and women are far less likely to be willing to take something that might make it worse.

Many women bloat depending on what time of month it is, how much salt and processed foods they eat in a given day, how much dairy they consume, and whether or not they’ve pooped that day. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This makes creatine, with its reputation for causing bloat, a hard sell to women.

But for most people, bloating caused by creatine is temporary and manageable. Creatine molecules are carried by a water shell, so when creatine enters your muscles, that water goes with it, making your muscle appear larger and softer (bloating). As the water is reabsorbed back into your system, the bloating subsides.

According to, there are a couple ways to mitigate the situation:

  1. Take creatine shortly before you work out, so the water is reabsorbed sooner back into the body.
  2. Drink plenty of water so your body doesn’t feel dehydrated, which would lead to an overcompensating response of retaining water.

There are also different types of creatine to choose from, some less likely than others to cause bloating. Creatine Monohydrate is the most common form, and there are definitely people who say it causes them to bloat. Creatine Hcl can, according to some users, help curb the bloat.

So is there really any reason why women can’t or shouldn’t take creatine? Of course not. If you want to put on tons of mass, load up on creatine and push your muscles past where you think you can. If you want to tone up, be strong, and live your fittest possible life, take creatine and manage your workout and diet to achieve those goals.


Fit Woman Collage


Shredz Toner for Women Ingredients

Now that we understand a little more about how creatine may help us women in our quest for ultimate fitness, what’s in Shredz Toner for Women that makes it the right choice? After all, there must be more to it than just the creatine.

The formula starts off with two important minerals:

Calcium – 14.7mg

Which of course you’ll find in most supplements made for women due to the fact that women in America are just not getting the calcium they need. At just under 15 mg, however, this amount of calcium comes in at 1% of the daily recommended allowance and won’t do a whole lot of good.

Magnesium – 48mg

Which actually comes along as a residual benefit of the type of creatine used in the formula. Magnesium helps facilitate numerous bodily functions, including regularity, which is far more often a problem for women than it is for men.


Shredz Toner for Women Ingredients


But the bulk of the formula is within the 2200 mg Non-Bloating Creatine Blend. This proprietary blend is comprised of:

L-Arginine AKG

This common form of the amino acid L-Arginine is a precursor for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide opens up blood vessels, allowing for an increased amount of blood to flow out to your muscles during your workout. You’ll get better oxygen and nutrient delivery both intra and post workout for better energy, performance, and recovery.

Beta Alanine

This is the stuff that makes you tingle to let you know it’s working. The main benefit is that it delays muscle fatigue by preventing the build up of lactic acid and ammonia – the two substances that build up in your muscles during a hard workout, making them feel like they just can’t go on any longer.

Creatine Magna Power

This is the creatine. They use a Magnesium Creating Chelate which minimizes the bloat you’ll experience while maintaining the muscle ATP enhancing benefits you want. You’ll lift heavier weights with more reps, plain and simple.


This is a fat burner and metabolism booster. It’s very typical for a pre workout supplement to contain a stimulant, but Shredz chose to keep that out. The fat burning element is key, however, in a pre workout designed for women.

The fact that these ingredients are in a proprietary blend means we don’t know how much of each is actually in the formula. The 2.2 grams in the blend are split up among the whole group of 4 ingredients.

That’s not bad actually, but it’s important to know that 1.5 grams is a common recommendation just for L-Arginine alone, and creatine wants to be dosed at closer to double that. So the 2.2 gram blend begins to look a little less sufficient when you consider these factors.

How To Use Shredz Toner for Women

It’s recommended that on workout days, you take 2 capsules about half an hour or so before your workout and another capsule just after your workout. On off days, take 2 with lunch and your 3rd capsule with dinner.

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

Shredz Side Effects

Based on the ingredient list, there are a two potential side effects, but I wouldn’t expect any of them to be more than minor.

Shredz Toner for Women Beta Alanine tinglesFirst of all there’s the bloating that’s possible with creatine. We talked about that earlier as a possible issue with creatine, but the Shredz Toner for Women people assure us that they’ve taken care of it.

Second there’s the tingling skin sensation that comes from Beta Alanine. It’s a bit of an odd, pins and needles type feeling. It bothers some people, but most see it as a sign the stuff is working. There’s no danger associated with it and it passes pretty quickly.

Shredz Toner for Women Reviews

One of the ways you can buy Shredz Toner for Women is through, and that means Amazon reviews. Now, before we get down to what these reviews actually reveal, let’s make a quick side note about Amazon reviews.

Amazon Reviews Can Be Fake

They are not always fake. They are not even mostly fake. But it’s not unheard of for companies to pay people to post positive reviews to the most popular ecommerce website in the land. While it can be a great source of real and independent feedback,  use a little caution and common sense when deciphering what’s real and what’s not.

I plan on posting an article about fake Amazon reviews and how they work soon. It’ll help show you what to look for and how to tell with pretty decent precision when a review is real and when it’s fake. When I get that up, I’ll post a link here.
Back to Shredz Toner for Women reviews. In my opinion, these are not fake. Generally, when a company pays people to post reviews, the product will have hundreds. Shredz Toner for Women only has 23, and the spread is pretty realistic.

At this time, 61% of the reviews give 5 stars, 17% give 1 star, and the rest are spread throughout pretty evenly.

Positive reviews talk about the various benefits customers noticed:


Shredz Toner for Women amazon 5 star


Negative reviews tend to be a little angry, like they’ve been cheated or tricked:


Shredz toner for women 1 star


This is pretty typical when someone shells out good money for something that doesn’t work like they’d hoped or expected. It’s especially true with Shredz because they’ve gotten into a little hot water over some of their fitness models Photoshopping their Instagram photos.

Where Can I Get Some?

Shredz Toner for Women is sold online. You can get it at their official website for about $45, or cheaper if you buy it as part of a stack. They’ve got the Alpha Female Stack for $120 currently. The other way to go is Amazon, where you can get the standalone Toner for $40. The Shredz website often runs sales and offers free gifts with purchase so you’ll want to check into those.

Amazon may have its own return policy that you’d have to find out through them. But if you buy directly through Shredz, I wouldn’t count on getting a refund in most cases.  They have a “money back guarantee” but effectively, it won’t serve most people.

They only take unopened bottles which means once you try it, you’re stuck with it. Even if you do for some reason send it back before you open it, you have to contact them within 14 days of delivery and return it within 7 days after that… and they charge you a $10 restocking fee, on top of the shipping charges in both directions. I’d hardly call this a money back guarantee at all.

Shredz Toner for Women – Yes or No?

I really like the idea of promoting creatine use for women. The notion that it will bulk you up more than you want is a myth. It’s always been just a myth. Creatine can be a valuable part of any woman’s fitness routine.

That said, I’m not sure Shredz Toner for Women hits the mark… and that’s too bad. It’s not a scam or worthless, but the formula just doesn’t use enough L-Arginine or Creatine to give you the change you may want.

If you’re still intrigued, I’d recommend going with the Toner/Fat Burner Stack. Together, the benefits will undoubtedly be noticeable, probably more so than if you used only one on it’s own.

If You Have Experience with Shredz Toner, Let Us Know in the Comments Below How It Went!

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Shredz Toner for Women

Shredz Toner for Women




    • Contains creatine
    • Focuses on strength for women


    • Ingredient amounts are not known
    • Negative reviews from customers who've use it.